Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition involving the practice of energy medicine and ancient healing traditions. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation.


Dr. Willix began studying shamanism in early 1999, learning acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine.  He has had the privilege of studying with the Q’uero elders and Ayahuasqueros of the Amazon Jungle, some of the most respected Shaman in Peru. 

After intensive training, in Despacho, Soul Retrieval, Ayahuasca and many other healing techniques, Dr. Willix received the title of Mesa Holder- INKA Andean Shamanic Tradition, in 2002.

Long before energy medicine was being discussed in academic circles, Dr. Willix was exploring its significance on the human spirit and its impact on enabling the body to utilize its innate ability to heal itself. He is currently one of only 300 physicians in the United States who is trained in Pulse Diagnosis a specialized form of acupuncture from world-famous qi gong Master, Master Fu.

Paying tribute to sharing the Shamanic traditional rituals he leads ceremonies at every full moon, called the Andean Fire Ceremony - the ceremony is a cycle to release and rejuvenate, honoring Mama Kia, the sacred feminine grandmother moon. 


At each of the ceremonies his little white Bichon, Francioś, is dutifully by his side symbolizing the sacred White Buffalo - known to represent the promises of the prophecy being fulfilled and signalling a time of abundance and plenty. 

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