• Dr. Willix

What's the Square Pig?

I call the center of every supermarket “the square pig.” Other than paper goods or soap, there's no food in this area of the market that you cannot live without.

More specifically, you will walk right into the bakery as soon as you enter the store. And there may be flowers there to further entice you. Stop—and stay on the periphery, where you will first find fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Located on the very edge of the square will usually be fish, poultry, meat, and dairy items, including cheeses.

The store usually puts wine, drinks, organic chips, and other so-called pseudo-foods there to lure you to enter the square pig. But if you stay on the edges of the store, you’ll find everything you need for anti-aging and great health.

Just know that there's a marketing madness to the method to get you to buy unhealthy stuff—and basically make bad choices. But if you avoid these choices and the processed foods that accelerate aging, you'll avoid obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other scary conditions that make you old before your time.


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