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The truth of the matter is no on has ever gotten skinny from eating one salad, nor have they gotten fat from eating one donut. However, caloric excess is an enormous (pun?) problem in our country and causes many health issues including accelerated aging.

How does caloric restriction (CR) fight aging? It appears to help the body process insulin more normally (proper insulin regulation promotes anti-aging). Insulin fights being overweight and obesity—two situations that cause aging and shorten telomeres. And CR saves the energy processing actions of the cells so that they repair themselves properly. Having adequate cell repair, and maintaining it, is associated with longevity.

We see these factors in action in the people of Okinawa. They suffer very few diseases of aging and have the largest number of centenarians in the world. Their diets are based on vegetables, grains, soy, fruits, fish, and seaweed. But, they also eat 20 percent fewer calories than the rest of Japan and 40 percent less than we do in the United States. The Okinawans are living proof that eating less means living longer!

In another example, the people who lived in Biosphere 2, a closed system experiment in caloric intake was 30 percent lower than normal, experienced positive health changes: lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, reduction in blood glucose, insulin, lower body temperature, and better regulated thyroid hormone levels. These values persisted over eighteen months after the participants let the experiment, suggesting that calorie restriction could be a health-changing event.

Moral of the story; cut your caloric intake, improve your health,

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