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You realize sometimes how impressionable you are as a child. Children don’t have a lot of fears, they’re not thinking about getting old. They just know, they don’t want to be like their parents.

I had a different kind of childhood. I grew up on the other hand wondering why I had a father who never seemed to get old. I was 14 he was 39 and yet he could beat me in the 40-yard dash. I was 37 he was 62 and he beat me in a marathon 26.2 miles. Why does this guy never get old? Or why doesn’t he ever appeared to be old?

Like any other child I didn’t want to grow up to be like my father, but I wanted to know why he aged so gracefully and why my mother and others around his age, didn’t seem to have the same vigor, vitality, nor his quest for life.

When he died in his mid 80’s a construction foreman from Habitat for Humanity told me that the week before my father died, he moved hundred tires off an abandoned lot to make room for equipment to come in to help refurbish house. “Really?” I said.

Don’t you wonder sometimes how those impressionable experiences later in life seems to be a roadmap for you to follow? A pathway for new discoveries of your own.

I was a very successful cardiovascular surgeon, heart surgeon, but I was discontent, irritable and bored. Why? I had everything that you could ever imagine, successful career, plenty of money, five children and lived on a 70-acre farm in South Dakota (maybe not the most desirable place to live). Nonetheless, it was a great place to raise your kids.

So, one day I’m in the operating room doing open-heart surgery and I said to my partner, “I think I’m going to take a 30 day leave of absence to find out what’s going on in the field of preventive medicine.” Why? I was bored!

How in the world can you be bored when you’re stopping the heart every day, saving lives, and constantly receiving positive reinforcement for your career that you’re doing good in the world.

I don’t know the answer to that: but it was one of those gut feelings. You know the one that tells you it’s time to move on to a new career. That was the beginning of the journey, and a quest: as well as the commencement of an exploration to find answers to why my father never seem to get old. Obviously, he was old when he died. But why was he moving tires off a vacant lot a week before he died. I don’t know; but it certainly lit a fire in my belly that continues to burn.

I’m no longer bored, because I’m still looking for the answers on how to live a vigorous healthy lifestyle for as long as you can.

So, as an inquisitive MD, I began to search for answers. Why do people get sick? How do you rejuvenate the body? How do you expand your lifespan? The latter is defined as healthy aging. Life is not about living longer it’s about living better. A 70-year-old called me the other day and told me that he was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro at 18,182 feet above sea level. He needed medical clearance.

“What?” I asked him, “Didn’t you already have a heart attack; don’t you have two stents in your heart?” His answer, “Yes!”

I didn’t even bother to ask him why I just gave him medical clearance. I knew that there was this burning desire inside of him to repeat a journey that he had done once before in 2006 and he knew he could do it again.

It always amazes me how different people think, act, and behave. But it never amazes me that all they want out of life is to live healthfully with energy. They want that energy for as long as they can, yet they don’t put in the effort that this 70-year-old man did to be able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Most people take life for granted. They believe it’s an inalienable right to be healthy.

You know the age-old adage you get what you pay for? So, if you’re paying for hamburgers, french fries, and a beer… you get what you pay for. Loss of vitality, slowing of your thought processes, a big belly!

You’re not asking your doctor if you can climb Kilimanjaro. You’re asking him why you’re short of breath climbing the stairs. That’s why you’re not seeking a doctor like me. I have spent over 39 years of my life looking for people who are willing to invest in their health, exercise their minds, and their bodies. Those same people care about their physical health and their well-being because they want to climb Kilimanjaro and you can’t.

So, I think it’s time for a wake-up call regardless of your age. Your body is resilient! Your mind is pliable! It’s time for you to explore the infinite possibilities for you to repair, rejuvenate, and become more resilient.

If you want to understand this, I think it’s time for you to come in read or listen to me talk about my new book; THE REJUVENATION SOLUTION – AGE in Reverse.

I’ll be at Barnes and Noble in Palm Beach Gardens on January 15that 7 PM come discover why “YOU CAN PICK IT UP!

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