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Live Longer and Have Better Sex

Although everyone recognizes that women go through the change of life called menopause, it has taken many decades for doctors to recognize that males go through hormonal changes as well. This change is called “andropause” or “manopause.”

In women, it’s fairly easy to recognize menopause because of irregular periods, hot flashes, weight gain, and other signs. But in men, the signs are more subtle. As andropause kicks in, testosterone falls off without much warning. 

In men, this typically triggers a decline in libido and weight gain. There's also a decline in HGH and DHEA, both of which have an enormous effect on a man’s health, from muscle loss to increased risk of heart disease and premature aging. 

Fortunately, andropause can be managed and youthful vigor can be restored.  Come hear more as I discuss my book, The Rejuvenation Solution, on January 15th @ Barnes & Noble Palm Beach Garden Location.  

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