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Hypoglycemia An Often Unrecognized Clinical Condition

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Hypoglycemia is an often unrecognized clinical set of symptoms that may lead to serious mental, physical and emotional problems that most physicians will not recognize without blood test. Theoretically the test of choice is a 3 to 5 hour glucose tolerance. Unfortunately this test has been limited to those patients that are suspected of having the diagnosis of diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes polyuria, polydipsia are more frequently missed, because they are not present in individuals with hypoglycemia. Diabetes mellitus is a condition caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar. Hypoglycemia on the other hand while it may eventually lead to type II diabetes may be caused by high insulin levels rather than low insulin levels. Many physicians believe that only diagnostic test for hypoglycemia is a glucose tolerance, however, we at Enlightened Living Medicine found a more appropriate diagnostic blood tests. It is our contention that more people with hypoglycemia have elevated fasting insulin levels. The diagnostic best choice would be to first measure fasting insulin; second include an insulin tolerance test in addition to glucose tolerance test.

Many people with hypoglycemia suffer vague symptomology including fogginess of the mind, moodiness, aggression, and even chronic fatigue syndrome. The survey done by the hypoglycemia foundation discovered the following symptoms are prevalent:

heart palpitations 80%

dizziness 79%

mood swings 77%

depression 67%

craving sweets 62%

extreme fatigue 52%

At enlightened living medicine we physicians recognize the magnitude of the issue of hypoglycemia. It is not a recognized clinical disease but it is a nutritional response of the blood sugar that affects millions of people around the world. For the last 10 years we have been looking at fasting insulin levels in a clinical setting. We currently believe that high levels of fasting insulin > 15 may be a warning sign of hypoglycemia and require further testing. All patients that come to EL medicine (ELM) can be assured that we are going to be looking proactively for elevated fasting insulin levels.

In the event that we recognize high fasting insulin levels the individual will then be asked to have a glucose tolerance test and insulin tolerance tests. We believe INSULIN Tolerance is the more accurate method to diagnose hypoglycemia. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, we have the program to solve the condition. Our excellent nutritional program can be individually designed to reduce and often eliminate the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia. We at ELM were actually one of the first medical programs 1984, that identified the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

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