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The Rejuvenation Solution

The Seven-Day Plan

That Jump-Starts

Ageless Health

Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD

We all want to live long and healthy lives, retaining our vitality, strength, and flexibility into our seventies, eighties, and beyond. This revolutionary program has helped many people reclaim optimal health after doctors told them their diseases were “incurable”; it’s reversed numerous chronic conditions, and it’s helped thousands of people look and feel a decade younger than their actual ages.


Renowned physician Dr. Robert Willix targets the 7 distinct causes of accelerated aging, sharing cutting-edge science from his work with thousands of patients. The key to turning back the clock is to combat the 7 causes of aging synergistically, with a combination of powerful anti-aging foods and supplements and exercises that strengthen your mind and body. By doing these things together, you will fight inflammation, keep your cells youthful, and activate your body’s anti-aging hormones.


With a 7-day rejuvenation plan to get you started, it’s easy to begin your journey to your best health today!



About Dr. Robert Willix, Jr.


Robert D. Willix, Jr., MD, formerly a Board-Certified cardiac surgeon, pioneered the first open heart surgery program in South Dakota. With a passion for integrative healing, Dr. Willix traveled the world to study acupuncture, Ayurveda Medicine, and Shamanism. He is CEO of Enlightened Living Medicine and the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Energy Medicine at the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida.


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ISBN-13: 978-07573-2287-5 (Paperback) ISBN-10: 07573-2287-7 (Paperback) ISBN-13: 978- 07573-2289-1 (ePub) ISBN-10: 07573-2289-1 (ePub)





The Rejuvenation Solution: Age in Reverse - 7 Proven Medical Breakthroughs That Prevent Disease and Make You Feel Years Younger.


While aging is inevitable, physical, mental, and spiritual decline doesn't have to be. With a focus on prevention instead of prescriptions, of empowering the patient to discover the body's own healing intellect, Dr. Willix offers a comprehensive plan that will completely revamp your health, making you look and feel years younger no matter what your age.


Dr. Willix goes in-depth into the 7 proven discoveries that stop accelerated aging. Anyone can remain disease-free, flexible, and full of energy at every age with this comprehensive blueprint that controls and reverses the 7 major causes of aging by working on them synergistically. The seven factors include:


Inflammabots. Body-wide inflammation is the source of nearly all diseases of aging, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease. Learn how to prevent and reverse inflammation with powerful inflammabots.


Telomerase Activators. Telomerase is The Energizer Bunny enzyme that keeps cells youthful. Discover how to keep your telomerase functioning optimally.


Hormone-Peptide Connection. Avoid age-related hormone decline by maintaining this delicate balance.


GeroprotectorsThese are the next-generation antioxidants—learn how to harness them through foods and supplements.


The Muscle of Youth. Exercise is one of the best anti-aging medicines if done correctly. Don't waste hours on a machine—learn how proper exercises can activate and rev one of your body’s anti-aging genes.


Nutrition. Learn what foods and supplements can revitalize your body from the inside out--invisible and in medically measurable ways.


Stress Management. Discover simple yet powerful relaxation techniques that reduce stress and help you age in reverse.




Author Interview


1.     As a cardiac surgeon, what were you experiencing, in practice, that led you to become what is considered the ‘Founder’ of Age Management Medicine and ultimately write this book?


While I was performing heart surgery I realized that we in medicine were not working on the solutions to prevent heart disease. Many of my patients would come back after surgery no better at changing their lifestyles. I founded Enlightened Living Medicine to teach the world they could and should take better control of aging and therefore prevent Chronic illnesses. I wrote the book to give the public solutions rather than just causes of aging.



2. How does this book differ from your previously published works on the same topic?


This book is a result of over 40 years of actual medical experience, not just research. Whenever I teach I find giving a cause and a solution often leads to action. Very few books before the Rejuvenation Solution deal with both cause and solutions. This book does, is understandable, practical, and actionable.



3.  Does your journey into a more holistically integrated and energy-based philosophy of medicine stem from your Shamanic training and the time you spent in Peru?


Actually surprisingly the answer is No!.
I came up with a theory of disease based on the Apollo Factor and “energy body” almost a decade before I went to Peru. My time in Peru actually solidified my thinking and gave me a much better understanding of how and what holistic approach really and truly means. My Shamanic training was like a final step in my quest to find healers around the world.




4. Do you, incorporate any of the Shamanic traditions in your practice today?


Yes of course, not only in my practice but in my life. When a patient has a condition that defies medical understanding I often use Shamanic tracking of their energy to attempt to discover how I can better help them.


I do a Shamanic Ritual at the full moon every month that is opened to anyone that wants to investigate how the indigenous peoples around the world honor the gifts of Mother Earth that we take for granted. Shamans are best described as Egoless Observers of the Universe. They use Energy to heal body, mind and soul. Sometimes with rituals and sometimes with herbs and plants to accelerate the process.



5. Of the seven interrelated causes of aging we learn about in your book, if you had to choose 1 that has the most impact on healthy aging, what would it be?


That is a loaded question that I cannot answer the way you would like me too. If I say inflammation, I’ll regret I did not answer telomeres. The seven causes affect different aspects for different people. If you twist my arm I would answer, stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is the most ignored aspect of modern allopathic medicine and the only time your body slows down to heal. If REM sleep is your only time it is healing your system, you as a human being are in deep trouble and will age more rapidly. It is not your lifespan that you want but, extended health-span. That is why no one answer fits this question.



6. If a 60’s something person reads your book at this stage in their life, will they be able to make a significant impact on the reversal of existing damage and how healthy they age henceforth, following the plan you outline?


This reminds me a story I heard recently about 80 y/o sedentary woman that began doing yoga and died at 106 y/o while at a Christian youth event when she dove into a mosh pit. She waived to the young people and said, “Carry on without me chaps” as she left the arena to go to the hospital. There is no age that reading this book will not help.

Many have waited too long to begin, but they are all helped when they take responsibility to get well and slow aging’s results. It may not prolong their life at 60 but it will enhance their life at any age.



7.  If you had to suggest one thing that a person could eliminate from their diet that would have the most impact on their health, what would it be?


I totally believe that this answer is sugar in many forms. Not just how most think about simple sugar like candy and soda, but the hidden sugar in carbohydrates that people do not think about. Rice, potatoes, pasta, bread and alcohol restriction can be the simplest answer to reducing hidden sugars. However, fruits that you peel or take out of their skin or shell-like bananas or watermelon have a lot of sugar, as do fruit juices and dried fruits.


Sugar is the major cause of inflammation in humans and the body becomes resistant to insulin because of overuse of carbohydrates and causes more inflammation and aging and diseases are accelerated.



8.  One of the current positions you hold is Chief Medical Officer and Director of Energy Medicine at the Hypocrites Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida. Could you explain what energy medicine?


That’s a very tough question because it involves both the use of energetic devices to promote healing at the level of the cells, as well as creating more energy for activity. For centuries the ancient healers knew that the body was more energetic than static. They incorporated magnets, voltage, frequencies, and light to promote a healing state. In certain sense herbs, plants and homoeopathic are all energy healing systems.


The human cells all have an electric charge, so to speak, and changing the flow of those charges can promote health. Pioneers like Tesla, Rife talked about the energy of the body and how it can be manipulated with machines that change the mitochondria with voltage and amperage.


As such, the short answer to the question would be to use devices ( lasers, Led lights, magnets, bioenergetics fields, biofeedback machines) that promote healthy cells and non-medical healing. We use devices all the time for diagnostics e.g. Ekg, EEG, EMG, PET scans. MRI, ultrasound. So, why not use energy devices to promote health? Russia and Germany have used them for years in medicine.


Read Chapter 16 on the Apollo Factor! I go into this in detail.



9. In your book, you have an entire chapter dedicated to the Apollo Factor. Is this a philosophy that you created, and could you explain what it means?


Yes, I created this as a way to explain how energy works and how we actually have two bodies. One is physical and the other is energetic. The physical body is where we manifest disease, the energy body is where it begins. The Apollo Factor is the bridge that connects the two bodies.




10.  It seems like you’re an advocate of IV nutrition but that doesn’t seem to be something that’s easily accessible to the average consumer. How would you address the people that aren’t able to experience the benefits of this process?


I do not agree that IV therapy is not accessible to the average consumer. I am the medical director of LiquIVida, and we have over 700 physicians around the country utilizing IV therapy for health.


IV nutrition has been used in hospitals for decades to help keep people alive when they cannot eat. Now we are talking about replacing nutrients intravenously to bring one to better health. Many of the nutrients we need cannot be absorbed and our soils are being depleted by pesticides and fertilizers. We have become a nation of gastrointestinal imbalances and IV nutrition is readily available if you look. It may become one of the fastest-growing additions to health in this decade.

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