Dr. Willix began his career as a Cardiovascular Surgeon but quickly realized he needed to help his patients become healthier, actually live better, with a preventative mindset. This marked the beginning of his transformation from Doctor to Healer.


The fascination of the aging process and how different the path looked in the lives of those around him, was in large part, because of his father, Robert Willix, Sr.  He just didn’t seem to age. Remarkably, he seemed to have taken the hands of time and, not only slowed them but pushed them backwards.

Leaving behind his life of surgery, Dr. Willix began his journey of nearly four decades, from a Cardiovascular Surgeon to a World Renown Natural Anti-Aging Physician.  Being involved in preventive and age management medicine since 1981, he is the founder and CEO of Enlightened Living Medicine (ELM), a clinic that operates by a simple philosophy: Lead with hope.  


ELM represents Dr. Willix’s journey in becoming a healer, ever aware that healing happens from the inside out - looking to the inner self and evaluating from a vantage point of prevention and rejuvenation, versus prescriptions and scalpels. 

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