The Rejuvenation Solution: Age in Reverse - 7 Proven Medical Breakthroughs That Prevent Disease and Make You Feel Years Younger

While aging is inevitable, physical, mental, and spiritual decline doesn't have to be. With a focus on prevention instead of prescriptions, of empowering the patient to discover the body's own healing intellect, Dr. Willix offers a comprehensive plan that will completely revamp your health, making you look and feel years younger no matter what your age.



Age Proofing - 7 Simple Steps to Super Vitality at any age.

Age-Free Living Can Be Yours!

Can you see yourself still jogging at full speed when you’re 50? Celebrating your 70th birthday by making love with your spouse? And water-skiing instead of playing shuffleboard when you’re 90? You’ll be able to do all of these things if you follow the seven simple steps in AGE proofing. 

A nationally known preventative medicine expert, former heart surgeon, and triathlete, Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr. has helped thousands of patients regain flexibility, find freedom from pain, strengthen hearts, lungs, and muscles, and enjoy all of the benefits of true health. In clear, plain English, Willix coaches you through the seven crucial changes you need to make to improve your health now. 

You’ll find:

• 20 questions that can help save your life
• Supplements that reverse the aging process
• Exercises to give you strength, flexibility, and energy

PLUS a lifelong program that puts it all together for you.

How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease -- Without Drugs or Surgery!


Former heart surgeon reveals how to prevent and even reverse heart disease--without drugs or surgery by Robert D. Willix Jr., M.D.

*Hands-down the best way to detect heart disease BEFORE it happens to you.

*What to do after you are diagnosed with heart disease to reverse it and avoid surgery.

*What every WOMAN must know about heart disease plus the 10 reasons why their risk can be greater than a man's.

*Why you may be wasting your time struggling to eat less cholesterol.

*Most people unknowingly sabotage the effectiveness of their essential heart medications! Here's how not to.


Healthy at 100


The seven steps you’ll be urged to take in these pages are proven, guaranteed, life-extending actions. The effectiveness of this entire program is backed by both medical research and real-world experiences. 

Dr. Robert Willix reminds us that the world is a huge place with a vast reservoir of knowledge. That the Western way is not the only way, and that there is something for us to learn from all systems of medicine still being practiced today – the biggest and the oldest as well as the newest and most highly technical. 

In Healthy at 100, Dr. Willix opens a door for you. On the other side of that door, you’ll find the tools you will need to lead a healthy and vital life for 100 years or even longer. Tools that will enable you to change your whole life and the way you live it – to make you heart, lungs, and muscles stronger, to strip fat from your body and replace it with muscle, to free yourself from back pain, to manage stress in your life, and to enjoy a rewarding sex life no matter what your age.

Natural Health Secrets from around the world

Suggests herbal remedies for aches, pains, respiratory ailments, cuts, bites, burns, bruises, and stomach problems, and describes natural treatments for hair, skin, and nails

you can.jpg

You Can Feel Good All the Time


The most important medical discovery of the last fifty years! I a few years, Nobel Prizes will be awarded to the scientists who are making the discoveries you'll learn about in this book. They are unlocking the secrets of aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, allergies and a whole list of medical problems. Meanwhile, you can put the newest breakthroughs to work for you right now!

Keep Your Miles High and Your Calories Low


Why would a 39-year-old heart surgeon quit at the peak of his career and leave behind the power, the prestige and the financial security he had accumulated? KEEP YOUR MILES HIGH AND YOUR CALORIES LOW is the story of one man's transition from disease-oriented medicine to a world of health and preventative medicine. 

This is a book about change - a book about taking control of one's life. It speaks to all who are willing to take responsibility for their health and the quality of their lifestyle. It offers a practical solution to healthier living. 

Dr. Robert D. Willix, Jr., President and CEO of Enlightened Living Medicine, invites you to join his world of change, choices and good health.

Confessions of an Ex-Heart Surgeon

The Most Important Medical Discovery of the Last Fifty Years.

In a few years, Nobel Prizes will be awarded to the scientists who are making the discoveries you’ll learn in this book. They are unlocking the secrets of aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, allergies and a whole list of medical problems. But meanwhile, you can put the new breakthroughs to work for you right now.

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