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Robert Willix, Jr., MD


Enlightened Living Medicine (ELM) is emblematic of Robert Willix, Jr., MD: the man, the doctor turned healer, author and shaman.


Considered to be a founder of the Age Management Medicine movement, Dr. Willix’s life and career have been multifaceted. He pioneered open-heart surgery in South Dakota in 1977. As an avid Iron Man athlete, he has spent his life researching the root causes of aging and has more than forty-five years’ experience in medicine, 38 of which have been devoted exclusively to Integrative Medicine.


For more than a decade, he has studied Shamanism from the Q'Ero Tradition, in the United States and Peru, deep in the Amazon Jungle. Recognizing the immense power of alternative medicine, Dr. Willix, the “Healer”, began incorporating Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and the healing ways of Shamanism, into his practice, blazing the trail for legions that have come after him.

“Rather than a traditional doctor's visit where you get 15 minutes and are then sent on your way, the Enlightened Living Medicine doctors are about you, your needs, your health goals and objectives. Thanks to Dr. Willix, in just two months, I lost 17 pounds, my cholesterol went from 259 to 189 naturally, and I reduced my risk for a catastrophic heart incident by 50%.”

- Kim Bokamper, Former Miami Dolphins player

 “Being able to turn to Dr. Willix to review my father's medical records for advice with his congestive heart failure condition has been priceless in our family's time of need.”
- Michelle S.

“Thanks to the Enlightened Living Medicine doctors and Dr. Kenneth Janson, I have never felt better in my life. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago.”
- Robert Bruce

Dr. Willix’s most recent book, The Rejuvenation Solution, is an accumulation of the most advanced breakthroughs in anti-aging treatments and premature ageing.
Inside the covers, in comprehensive language, he shares the seven interconnected causes, that when addressed collectively, slow the ageing process. Moreover, exactly how you can implement them into your life, significantly altering the course of age-related decline.




"Growing older doesn’t have to mean falling victim to debilitating diseases or addictive prescriptions. Dr. Willix shares his revolutionary approach to healthy aging by strengthening your immune system to slow down accelerated aging. This book is an essential read for all doctors and laypeople alike."

-Professor Dr. Paul Ling Tai, DPM, FACFS, ABPS
Chairman and President, Brasil-American Academy of Aging and Regenerative Medicine (BARM)